Imaging Biomarkers in Exudative AMD

Marco Rispoli, Gilda Cennamo, Luca Di Antonio, Marco Lupidi, Mariacristina Parravano,
Marco Pellegrini, Daniele Veritti, Stela Vujosevic, Maria Cristina Savastano

ISBN 978-88-6756-547-4

Formato 21X29.7

Pagine 64

Anno di pubblicazione 2020

Info stampa: a 4+4 colori

This book is intended for all those ophthalmologists desiring to learn more about the study of retinal diseases using optical coherence tomography (OCT) and OCT angiography to search for possible biomarkers that can help formulate a more precise diagnosis. It aims at describing the morphological features seen on structural OCT and OCT angiography in patients with wet age-related macular degeneration.
Each chapter provides an analytical discussion of a specific topic, supported by extensive illustrations. There is also a chapter that contains a table summarising all the biomarkers seen on structural OCT and OCT angiography that may be used to guide difficult diagnoses and facilitate the interpretation of morphological changes.

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